What kind of email notifications are available?

These are some examples of our email notifications:

Billing: Monthly e-mail statements regarding billings associated with your account. (For your Corporate Office)

Cancelled Payment: Confirmation a resident payment has been cancelled.

Chargeback: If a resident disputes a credit card payment with their financial institution, the payment will be withdrawn from your account. RentPayment provides chargeback assistance for all their clients and will help dispute the chargeback on your behalf.

Credit Card Failure Notification: credit card payment is declined. Credit card payments are processed in real time, any credit card declines will be notified instantly.

(NOTE: Export / Import emails are only for “Integrated” accounts)

Export Receipt: A payment file is ready to be downloaded from RentPayment.

Export Reminder: Reminder email is sent if a payment file has not been downloaded within 24 hours after it has generated.

Failed Export: Payment file has failed to be downloaded from RentPayment.

Failed Import: Resident data file has failed to be uploaded to RentPayment.

Marketing Communications: RentPayment produces a monthly informational newsletter regarding new products/services, promotions and trends in the electronic payment industry.

Payment Receipt: Notification a resident payment has been submitted. The payment receipt e-mail is sent immediately after each transaction.

Payments Batched: A summary of all daily payments that have batched and are being sent to the bank for deposit.

Property Bank Account Change: Confirmation a property’s bank account has been updated.

Refunded Payment: A refund has been processed.

Reversed Payment: eCheck or Credit Card payment has been returned.

Statement Receipt: Confirmation the payment batch has been sent to your bank.

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