How do I manage ClickPay notifications?

You may turn Click Pay notifications (payment reminder emails and texts) on and off at any time.

1) By Email
Simply click the ""Unsubscribe"" link at the bottom of the ClickPay email.

2) Online
- Login to and click on the "Menu" button in the upper right
- On the next page, click on the "Rent Reminders" button
- The left panel of the page manages text reminders. The right manages email. Click the toggle in the upper right corner of either panel to turn Click Pay notifications on or off for that respective platform.
- If you would like to change when you receive Click Pay notifications, do so using the dropdowns.
- Click the "Update..." button when you are done.

You will receive the ClickPay emails as long as your profile is active in RentPayment and you have not "unsubscribed" from the ClickPay email.

If you have moved from a property and are still receiving ClickPay emails for the former property, login to your old account and follow step 2 above to turn the notifications off.

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