Why am I being charged a service fee?

Service fees enable RentPayment to provide you great service! The service fee pays for the full suite of electronic payment services that supplement traditional methods and empower you, our customer! Click here to learn about the many ways to pay. 

YapStone and our portfolio of brands such as RentPayment facilitate the receipt of electronic payments in the rental, homeowners association (HOA), storage, and vacation industries. The original relationship is between the property manager or HOA and the renter or owner; it classically involves the renters or owners paying the property or HOA via paper checks or cash. Where our customers, the properties or HOAs, wish to offer their renters or homeowners a set of faster, more secure, and overall easier methods of paying electronically or by phone, YapStone (dba RentPayment, DuesPayment, VacationRentPayment, InnPayment, or StorageRentPayment) comes in: As a third party, we enable flexible additional and improved payments between the main parties. Our service fee covers the YapStone payment processing platform including its technology, infrastructure, instant posting, fraud and risk protections, and customer support. Service fees are applied to all payment methods processed through our system, but may be absorbed by the property or HOA so no service fee is charged to the renter.

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