How do I pay with cash?

PayByCash payments are not available for all properties. Please confirm with your Property Manager that you are able to PayByCash at any MoneyGram location.

To make a cash payment, you will need the following RentPayment PayByCash information:

RentPayment specific paybycash account number
Receive Code: 9798
This information is available in your RentPayment account or you can create a new account at To find this info, follow these steps

1) Log into RentPayment
2) At the top right, select Menu
3) Select My Account
4) At the left, select PayByCash. Your account number, and receive code will be listed there.

You can also contact your management office for your account number or for additional assistance call RentPayment at (866) 289-5977.

To find the closest MoneyGram location to you, simply login to your account, select "PayByCash" and you will see the address of the three (3) closest locations to your property. You can also find the closest locations at, or contact your management office for a list of these locations.

For additional assistance you may email us at You can also call a Customer Care Representative at 866-289-5977.

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