How do I block a resident?

RentPayment has a feature that will allow property managers to self-manage their resident blocking needs. Please note, this is available for non-integrated accounts only.

1) What is a Blocking List?
A Blocking List identifies a resident by name to prevent them from submitting new payments in RentPayment. This is particularly necessary for any residents in Do Not Accept payments or legal status.

2) How do I Block a resident?
Login to your account with your property manager login. From the Main Menu, you will see a link called “Block Listed Names”. You can add to the Block List by adding first and last name, and property name in the box titled “Add a Name”.

3) How do I remove a resident from the Block List?
Similar to the addition process, you will navigate to “Search for a Blocked Name”, search by first and last name, and property name, and you will have the option to remove that resident from the Block List when they are in good standing again.

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